Natural powerful restorative booster!

  • Instant skin texture transformation
  • Ultimate restorative blend
  • Precious raw Ingredients
  • Hand picked & Cold pressed
  • Limited Production in Sardinia
  • Designed in Zürich
  • Miron glass protection
  • Mycelium package


IKNOSGENERATION, a swiss skincare brand founded in Zürich in 2022 by Sisi Gu, aims to be high-end sustainable lifestyle brand with exceptional quality for body, mind and soul!



"This oil is fantastic! It's not greasy at all, and left my face feeling nourished and soft the whole day. My skin is very dry and I found that I don't even need to use face cream afterwards!"

Fabiana Azara, 30
Sardinia, Italy

”I use Immortelle facial oil everyday and it always makes me feel happy for a few seconds. The smell reminds me of mountains back of Mediterranean when I tracked at home. It’s so natural and healing! Fell free to use this as customer testimonial. I love it and I am 100% honest.”

Senem Gencer
Zurich, Switzerland

”This oil is miracle, it makes my skin soft and deeply hydrated, just love it!”

Silvia Bellotto
Verona, Italy

”I love this oil simply because it nourish my skin deeply, it’s absorbing and not oily at all, great quality!”

Clarice Lee
Seoul, Korea

” I use this oil every night, the smell is incredible, the restorative function is powerful! It’s gender neutral with a wonderful natural smell!”

Stefano Tordiglione
Hong Kong, China