About us

Our name "IKNOSGENERATION" was inspired by the mysterious island of Sardinia in the heart of the Mediterranean sea.​

"IKNOS(ICHNOS)" was the ancient name of Sardinia in Greek because according to the legend, the island was the footprint of Zeus. ​

"GENERATION" expresses our commitment to sustainability, respect of nature and dedication to the ideals of craftsmanship. ​

Today, IKNOSGENERATION was born with mission, we are inspired by the footprint of our ancestors, we do our best to create the finest natural product in the world, sustainably with minimum environmental footprint, and hopefully,  this is our way to re-inspire the future generations.

Sardinia is Italy's second largest island, it is famous as the BLUE ZONE, the island of longevity with the highest concentration rate of centenarians in the world. 

Our Approach of Sustainability :

Minimizing our environmental impact influences every aspect of how we create our products. Our goal is to leave the earth a better place than we found it. 

IKNOSGENERATION is deeply rooted within the biodiversity and natural richness of soil passed down by our ancestors. It is our responsibility to create a sustainable business, a solid community to guard and protect our mother earth, and make it stronger and stronger. Being responsible to society and mother earth is at the heart of our ethos.

  • Responsible Sourcing

All ingredients are sourced from our responsible supplier. In IKNOSGENERATION, we are obssessed with the quality of ingredients that go beyond normal organic certificates. To obtain a top ingredient we start from the examination of history and quality of soil.  Most of our suppliers are 2nd or 3rd generation farmers who treat their land as precious treasure.

  • Better Package

Our commitment of using sustainable packaging is an onging evolution. We use Miron glass made by violet crystal to protect our precious ingredients as best we can. Our packing box is made of recyclable paper and biodegradable ink. Our pump is made of recyclable plastic. However, we are planning to turn ourselves completely plastic free by 2025.

  • Cruelty Free

We test our products on real people and never on animals. 

  • Social Impact

We will donate 2% of every bottle sold to charitable and nonprofit organisations to make a better world!


Originally from mainland China, Sisi studied political science at Hong Kong Baptist University and acquired her exchange diploma in Sciences Po Paris. She also holds an MBA degree from HKUST.  

Sisi started her career in the luxury industry focusing on jewelry and watches' product marketing and global wholesale business development.  

In 2018, she moved to Switzerland and is currently settled between in Zurich and Sardinia Island. As an industry professional, a global citizen, and a mother of two Sisi often questioned the true meaning of luxury. On the remote and wild island of Sardinia, she came to realize that luxury is honoring time, craftsmanship, nature, and its resources. 

Luxury should be sustainable and aim to create a better environment for the future – this is how IKNOSGENERATION was born.